Sunday, July 3, 2011

First images of the Fourth Army and the building of TWO unique Battlewagons!

We haven't published ANY pictures of the FOURTH army that will be given away in 3 weeks for the Heroes of Armageddon Charity Drive. That's because it hasn't been painted yet....but now we will get out act together and do two weeks. We have all been too busy with other stuff but now it is time to get cracking on this one. And it will be a beautiful, monstrous Ork Mek/Horde Army. ALL the models have been donated by Spikey Bits/FTW Games, a huge donation of models. Here is the first image of this army, some of it in the early stages of painting.
We have 84 warriors, 4 nobs, 1 deffdred, 6 killakans, 3 trukks, 2 battlewagons AND 3 helichoppas. That amounts up to about 1950 points. On top of that, Mr. Esty will paint a StompaMathieu Fontaine will paint Ghazghull Thraka and we will fill out the remainder with some elite options...this army will be HUGE.

On to the OTHER ork army, The Speed Freeks, led by Goatboy. John and I got the honor of painting up one battlewagon each. We both built and painted the model in ONE 24 hour period. Here's the report:

John's new kitty keeping an eye on us
The primed models
Mike's painted model. I cut off those spikey things on the front. The base is an old armorcast warbuggy. I worked hard on the hippie flames, i think they look cool.
the other side
here's the spotter
I used the landing gear from the Storm Raven as hydraulics for the Defrolla
I added a face to the front

I will let John post his own Battle Wagon shots
These two will be shipped off to Austin, Texas, to the Speed Freek Army Base. Goatboy will then pack the whole army in the new Battlefoam Case and off to Chicago on July 30th!

If you want to get any of these models, you know the drill: contribute to the Heroes of Armageddon Charity project using the link on the top right!


Ok here I go,

As Mike said, we got together for a kitbashing and knocked out a few Battlewagons.

I really like the new GW Battle wagon, but if you have more than one in your army I think they just look too much alike, I really doubt  Orks are going to build up a group of matching rigs with a bunch of scrap metal, so why not bash one up yourself and have some fun with it? Orks is a great army for kit bashing, and whatever you make it will be good and orky.
I had an Idea in my head of what I was going for, a big rig that when you look at it you think "yeah, Battlewagon" so I knocked it together with a bunch of old model kit stuff and just enough GW bits to make it fit in. I made a footprint of folded paper and I kept checking to make sure it fit in the footprint.
I made the Deathrolla and gunner removable so it fits nicely in the bag.

well there it is!
I hope it brings the winner of the Speed Freaks Army lots of luck.


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  1. Super Orky! I love the fact the first is based on the original battlewagon and looks like the A-Team built it in a cave, and the second has bags of old school goodness, some of the vibe of the old Epic vehicles. You guys are tuned in!