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SCW's Latest Fundraising Project

Please check out our latest effort for the holidays at Santa Cruz Warhammer and you can help up make this holiday wish come true.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Heroes: The Blood Angels Come home

John and I were finally able to finish up our part of the Heroes of Armageddon Charity Drive. The winner of the Blood Angels army, Peter Dean, lives in Oakland and we agreed to meet halfway between Santa Cruz and Oakland: GameKastle in San Jose (the BEST game store in the Bay Area I think). Anyway, we were kindly allowed to set up the entire army and await Peter. Here is another quick overview:

Jawaballs Banner and Battlefoam Travel Case

The army

The swag with the custom templates from Galeforce Nine and the super cool dice from Bolter and Chainsword and chessex

And then Peter walked in checking out the stuff..

John made a nice shirt for Peter
And here he is in front of Game Kastle:

That's it! Now it's on to Next Year's Project.....

Just letting you all know: this army was shipped from Chicago to Santa Cruz but got LOST for two weeks. We never told Peter and only with grim determination John was able to track it down, shouting down one UPS-er and wooing was found but not before we lost many hours of valuable sleep...


Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Heroes of Armageddon Project: Gamesday Report!!!

Games Day 2011!
- Chris Borer's Steel Legion Master of Ordinance wins a Golden Demon.
- Heroes table display wins best club theme.
-Jawa's Blood Angels Banner wins best banner.
- Yarrik Golden Demon contest pic added.
- 1/2 table sells and sends another $600 to DwoB
-Ghazghkull Thraka is FINISHED, check Ghaz Horde!!!

We are very proud to announce that these armies have raised $31,657 for Doctors without Borders

the wait is over. The Heroes of Armageddon project started in April and now, almost 4 months later, we have accomplished what we set out to do: 4 armies modeled and painted to the highest standards. We have here the true Heroes of Armageddon: the Steel Legion and Blood Angels opposite Ghazghkull Thraka's Horde and the Wazdakka Gutsmek's Speed Freaks.

From the start of this project, we have tried to stay close to the 3000 point goal, but as you will see, some armies are bigger, some are smaller. All in all, it has been a tremendous effort, having models come from all over the American continent, from Hawaii to Canada to Virginia. 

We have done this to raise money for Doctors without Borders, an organisation that sends their people out into the most dangerous places on earth, to help the helpless and try to keep them alive and healthy. They need support and our incredible gaming community has stepped up to the plate. This sunday we will reveal the total amount raised, which will be very exciting. After that the armies will travel to Games Day in Chicago on July 30th to be displayed on a custom built 6x8 foot gaming table, built by Brian Niro from Gentleman's Ones. 
Scroll down to see the custom table WIP images and links.

BUT we are not done yet: if you haven't donated, do so now. If you already gave some, maybe give again...the prizes are worth it: you could win one of these four armies:

All the miniatures for the four armies are on resin bases donated and shipped by Secret Weapon Miniatures and Dragon Forge Design. Both owners Justin and Jeff also built models for the Steel Legion army.

Let's start with a composite image of the largest army and biggest prize, The Steel Legion built under leadership of Dave Taylor: The Winner of this army is Colby Anger of Houston Texas.

Here are the Blood Angels, built by Jawaballs and his team the winner is Peter Dean of Oakland California

Ghazghkull Thraka's Horde, painted by the Santa Cruz Warhammer Gaming Group and FTW Games, the winner is Jason Mace of Fort Knox Kentucky

And the speedfreaks under guidance of Wazdakka Gutsmek, built and painted by Goatboy and his team the winner is Andrew Lewis of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

As you may have noticed there are place holders in some of the armies, as these models are finished and photos are released, this page will be updated to display those models as well.

NOW let's have a closer look at the armies. We have set up individual pages for each of the armies with large, detailed photos and all the names of the people responsible, please check it out and leave comments. I am sure everyone will be delighted to hear from you all
Here we go (but make sure you come back here after viewing the armies, there is lot's more in the bottom of this post):

This coming Sunday, the 24th, we will draw FOUR winners, one for each army. 

In addition to the models, there are extra prizes for the winners:

Each army will come in the amazing Battle Foam PACK1520 XL protective carrying case
Each army will also get one of these amazing custom sculpted and super limited life sized Purity Seal / Icons with litanies master sculpted by Rob Ellis II aka -Q- and donated by The Bolter and Chainsword. 

Gale Force Nine created custom templates for the armies, with four different colors. 

Each winner will get a dozen unique dice, designed just for their new army and made by Chessex.
In addition to all this, Silver Compass Designs has laser cut custom game markers for all four armies. Here is the Steel Legion set:

Each winner will also get an HoA team Tshirt ( Red for Blood Angels, Grey for Steel Legion, and Green for Orks!)

About this Super Special Games Day Table:
Here is the most recent WIP images from this Friday, built by Brian Niro from Gentleman's Ones.

You see the foam barren wasteland bordering up to the hives

Here's the link to Brian's post today. He will update every day for this week.

OK, you can have this table. Just send Brian or SC Mike an email. Brian's email you can find on his page, mike's is scwarhammer at gmail dot com We will consider any serious offer, all will be donated by you to DWB using our paypal links.You will need to pick it up in Chicago, either after Gamesday (we might get you free tickets) or at Brian's house in Chicago. We will need the donation by this Saturday. Maybe there are readers with HUGE houses or gaming groups. And remember, the table comes in 4 pieces.

Important 1
Make sure to check out all the sponsors on the right . These companies have been extremely generous and helpful and if you shop with them, you know that your money is going to people that care about the world around them. Support our sponsors, they are great!

Important 2
If you win and you can make it to Games Day next week, you will be able to pick up your army and meet a lot of the the builders in person.

Let us know what you think! Throw some money at it one more time, paypal link on the right top.

John and Mike
Santa Cruz Warhammer
Project Leaders Heroes of Armageddon

Sunday, July 17, 2011

One of the last weekly prize winners for Heroes of Armageddon!

We are ONE day away (tomorrow, monday) from showing the world the completed four armies that will be given away NEXT sunday. But before we go there, here's one of the last weekly prize winners.
This wonderful model of Lord Dante was donated to the Heroes of Armageddon by Joel Jameson, who himself was one of the weekly winners and wanted to give something back.
So here we go, the winner of this excellent model is...

Jonathan Hamilton, Tregear

Congrats to Jonathan and thank you for donating for Doctors without Borders!

Next wednesday the last give away: the LONG awaited and super secret prizes from Bolter and Chainsword. There is NO forum who has done so much work for our cause. Join them and be active, it's truly a wonderful and generous community. The prizes from B&C will be given away on sunday, right before the main prizes.



Saturday, July 16, 2011

The horde is done! 84 boyz and 4 nobz

This coming monday ALL the armies will be displayed....
donate one last time. 7 days to go!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

The stompa is done with lots of love from Santa Cruz, Cali

Santa Cruz Warhammer has become more than just a local blog, but sometimes we just have to give you some local news.

Mike and I are plugging  away on the Ork Goff army, and it is coming together beautifully. We have many talented and hardworking painters involved and also some new and young talent: Mike's whole family has been pitching in to get ork boys painted, including some basecoat painting by his daughters at 10 cts a model..generous!

 The local guys from the Santa Cruz Warhammer gaming club have taken on models and we had a fun painting party last week, we were also very lucky to have a Stompa donated to the project by our local gaming store Game Alot.

Game Alot has been a fixture in Santa Cruz for longer than I can remember. I played my first game there and bought my first mini from them what must have been a million years ago. Frank and Stephanie are great people and have a genuine love of games. Not only can you find just about any type of gaming need you can think of, but Game Alot is the only place in the city of Santa Cruz to buy GW products. The GW manager for the store is Ross and here he is with the Stompa he built and was able to give to us, check out Ross' blog for more stompas work. If you find your self in the area, make sure to drop in and visit at 835 Front St, ask about Saturday game days and the discount punch cards.

Ross in the store with the Stompa.

and here's the big guy after I threw on some paint, I made sure to add some Blood Angels and Steel Legion panels.

Thanks again to Game Alot for helping us out with our part of the Heroes of Armageddon Project, stay tuned and get ready to marvel at all the great models from all four armies as they are revealed.

Soon you will be able to get a good look at all the finished models as we will have them showcased on the HoA site, including the leader of all leaders: Ghazghull Thraka himself, painted by word famous painter Mathieu Fontaine. 

All this could be your's....donation button on the top right...10 days to go before we stop taking money and announce winners.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Almost done. Another Prize: Lord Dante could be your's!

a while ago Joel Jameson won this fantastic mini, painted by German master Simon M, who had graciously donated it to the weekly prize pot for Heroes of Armageddon. Last week Joel emailed me, saying that he wanted to give something back to Heroes of Armageddon. He came in to the posession of a wonderful Lord Dante and to draw in more donations, Joel is returning the favor and give it away to one happy supporter of our project. Here is the model he is giving away:
This lord Dante was painted by OrcPainterNerd in the UK and can be yours. As long as you have donated to the Heroes project using the paypal link on the right top, we will draw ONE winner for this fantastic model.

back to Joel. he posted a video of him unboxing the Simon M. spacemarine and I invite you all to check it out. It's fun and the model looks way better in the video then on pictures.

It's wonderful to see so much talent come together for the Doctors without Borders Cause!
 thanks Joel!



Monday, July 11, 2011

Ghaz is coming soon.....

The Santa Cruz Warhammer Game Night group came together last friday for about 5 hours and helped John and I painting the 4th army for the Heroes of Armageddon. We made lots of progress and one of the things that made a huge difference was the painting of 100 bases by Glenn and Tony. Here's a shot of that evening.
John is going to paint the two battlewagons, he will post later this week about that. Michael and Scott took responsibility for the Killa Kans and Tony took the heli choppas home for a nice finish. John and I are blessed to have great painters and hard workers at the same time that we can call friends. Michael also graciously donated a boxset of 5 nobz to the cause which John will paint up.
Last but not least we are working on 5 meganobz and 1 stompa. More about that stuff later in the week.

I myself decided to paint all the boyz for this army, there are 84 and 4 nobz. I finished up 40 of them over the weekend and I gave them all a distinctive color, just for fun but also a little bit to make it easy to identify the squads. Here are the 4 squads done, although my wife has promised to ULTRA fine tune all these models. She has great skills for fine painting work.

Today in a week all the armies will be done and showcased on the Heroes of Armageddon blog! WOW.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

We have EIGHT winners!

We have EIGHT winners today, so let's get right to it:

Brother Melice from Bolter and Chainsword is giving away 3 matted prints of this image:
and the winners are:

Tim Weston, Chesterfield
Virginia, USA

Nick Yates, Grafton
Illinois, USA

Scott Treadwell, Coventry
United Kingdom

One of our readers, Neil Trent, is giving away TWO box set of Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard:
Thanks Neil, and the winners are:

Ian Gearhart, Coto de Caza
California, USA

Gustav Dahlstrom, Lundse

And last but NOT least, the French Modeling company Blight Wheel Miniatures wants to share in the generosity. Blight Wheel will give away THREE sets of prizes. Each set will contain one of the following box sets with resin models:
on set of Blight Wheel Brotherhood
one mega arachnid
one mecha pilot

And the winners are:

Liam Warne, Morphett Vale

Adam Rios, Hutto
Texas, USA

Bjarne Hansen, Herning

Thanks everyone for the great gifts and the great donations. We have two more weekly giveaways...and they will be very special. Next wednesday again!