Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More weekly Heroes of Armageddon Prizes!

Today we are happy to announce another amazing weekly prize in the Heroes of Armageddon Charity Drive. This week Table Top Fix, one of the most important model websites, is generous enough to give away

a Blood Angels Battle Force


an Ork Stompa

a Imperial Shadow Sword
We will draw ONE winner who then gets to choose which kit he or she wants!

If you haven't subscribed as a follower to TableTop Fix, do it now. Falk, the writer, gives you the new releases in the modeling world every day, across a wide spectrum of companies. The site really inspires you to use different models in your 40K or Fantasy games and help you think outside the box. TTF always gets the models and news first!

Who can WIN?
Everyone who has contributed to the Heroes of Armageddon cause can end up with the prize. If you win this time, you can still get one of the four main prizes as well. We will draw the lucky one on Sunday. Please think about donating if you haven't done so, it's all to help Doctors without Borders!



  1. Thanks for the kind words!
    I'm just trying to help a good cause with my contribution ;)

  2. Just happened across this place, am already awed by the undertaking of something which is a brilliant idea. Keep up the good work!