Sunday, May 22, 2011

We have three winners! Maybe you are one of them....

We are extremely happy with the generosity of readers that contribute to the Heroes of Armageddon. This week we were able to give away THREE prizes, given to us by Covchaser, a philanthropic reader from Conventry, UK. Here are the three winners, drawn at random from all the people who have contributed already to the Heroes of Armageddon:

The Legion of the Damned Box Set:
goes to:
James Winsor
Portsmouth, England

The Thunderfire Cannon
goes to:
Stephen Price
Medway, MA USA

and the Venerable Dreadnought
goes to:
Falk Kalamorz
Dunedin, New Zealand

All the winners are drawn completely at random, using and all weekly winners can still win the BIG ONES as well. It's fun to see winners from all over the's truly a global project.

Please tell your family and friends and let's keep this Heroes Ball going. We need your support!