Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon Weekly prizes: we have EIGHT prizes this week!

People have been emaling me all the time, wanting to help out with the Heroes of Armageddon Charity Drive. Today we are giving away a whole slew of prizes, from high quality artwork to models from France. Here they are: this weeks's WEEKLY prizes for the Heroes of Armageddon. If you have donated, you could win....

Brother Melice from Bolter and Chainsword is an amazing painter and warhammer artist. Here is a link to his super cool Medusa-inspired Space Marines. But he also draws beautifully and today we are giving away THREE matted prints of this image:
Melice contacted me completely out of the blue and shows himself a very generous soul indeed. The prints will be 8.5 by 11 inched on firm stock and be finished with a nice mat. 

On to the next set of prizes, this time coming from a reader, Neil Trent. He emailed me, saying he bought a bunch of Blood Angels stuff, but will probably never build it. So he wants to give it to one of you. Neil is giving away TWO box set of Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard:
Great stuff.. 

And last but NOT least, the French Modeling company Blight Wheel Miniatures wants to share in the generosity. Blight Wheel will give away THREE sets of prizes. Each set will contain one of the following box sets with resin models:
on set of Blight Wheel Brotherhood
one mega arachnid
one mecha pilot

You can see, they will be very easily implemented into 40K. Thank you Laurent from Blight Wheel for the gifts and all of you readers should check out the website with the growing catalog. Remember, companies that give to Heroes of Armageddon, have their heart in the right place, so shop with them first. Check out Heroes of Armageddon for a compete list of companies that we love and thank for their gifts

That's it. This Sunday we will announce who will get what. If you want to be part of it, click on the paypal link on the right top. Multiple donations increase you chances....



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  1. I have used those models from Blight Wheel in my AD Mech army. Really great stuff!